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Wine lovers dating

"I know there are dating websites for everybody else from geeks to heavy metal fans, so obviously there's a need for a one for wine lovers." So Pauly, who founded a wine-related job site in 2003, and her 25-year-old daughter Roxane Brooke started working on Vinea Love, which will eventually transition into a paid networking site for wine enthusiasts looking for love or companionship.

The first 1,000 users who register on the new site will get a free membership. Pauly said subscriptions were coming in from all over the world before the site even launched, with men and women of a range of ages registering from places like India, New Zealand and Morocco. "It's a real passion." English, French, Japanese, Italian and Turkish versions of the site are currently online, and editions in other languages are forthcoming.

Needless to say, she’s had some practice so don’t underestimate her. Even the best wine veterans overdo it sometimes and get in over their heads.

Be prepared to take care of her if she has one glass too many and be gentle, emotions tend to be running high at that point.

You’ll never be stuck for a birthday or anniversary gift again.

Buy your wine lover a case of their favourite vintage or one of the many wine accessories available – there’s everything from elaborate stoppers to glasses in every shape and size imaginable on offer. When you’re dating a wine lover you know they’ll always have a bottle of wine on hand, so you can share a bottle and cosy up to watch a film without having to venture outside.

Naked Wines specialises in wines made by small, low-production winemakers and maverick artisan winemakers who want to make wines their way.

You will be amazed, proud even, of the amount of wine she can down without being drunk.Wine lovers have great palates, so you can guarantee they know all the best flavour combinations.And if they offer to cook, you won’t even need to bring wine – they’ll have the perfect accompaniment already on ice.Related-ish: 9 Fall Wines Under That You Can Pair With Pumpkin Spice Anything It’s never too early for wine nor is it ever too late for wine. Sure, it won’t dissolve the problem, but it will take the edge off and keep us from hurting you.In fact, anytime we aren’t drinking it we’re probably thinking about the next time we get to have it. If you’ve got a red wine lover on your hands (like us), then it’s likely she will have a permanently maroon tongue. If for some ungodly reason the vino tap has run out, you better be on the way to store because she’s about to snap.

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) If your wine lover is a local, you can be certain they’ll have checked out all the local bars and found the ones that combine the best wine selection with the most laid-back atmosphere – the perfect date night spot! On a date with a wine lover, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that they know their Chardonnay from their Chablis.

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