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(Muscanell and Guadagno, 2012) In addition to this, women are more likely to use Facebook or My Space to compare themselves to others and also to search for information.Men, however, are more likely to look at other people's profiles with in the intention to find friends.(Haferkamp et al., 2012) Privacy has been the primary topic of many studies of SNS users, and many of these studies have found differences between male and female SNS users, although some studies have found results contradictory to those found in other studies.Some researchers have found that women are more protective of their personal information and more likely to have private profiles.Women were also more likely to have expressions related to family relationships and romantic relationships.One of the key findings of this research is that those men who do have expressions of romantic relationships in their profile had expressions just as strong as the women.

Acquisti and Gross found that women in their sample were less likely to reveal their sexual orientation, personal address, or cell phone number.Further, in many cases those historical reactions resulted in restrictions of girls' use of technology to protect them from predators, molesters, and other criminals threatening their innocence.Like current fears focused on computer use, particularly SNSs and other communication media, these fears are most intense when the medium enters the home.Thus the idea that there may be both real and perceived differences in how men and women use SNSs – and that those uses may shape the SNSs – is neither new nor surprising and has historical analogues.There is historical and contemporary evidence that current fears about young girls' online safety have historical antecedents such as telegraphs and telephones.

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Telephone use has long had gendered connections ranging from the widespread assumption that women simply talk more than men, and the employment of women as telephone operators.

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