Transgender dating tv show

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Transgender dating tv show

well, Calpernia falls victim to every single one imaginable in Trans culture.

Over inflated lips, exaggerated surgical feminization of the face/body, hyper-sexualization ond encouraged objectification of her body (The outfits she wears, everything from a harem bikini to full on corset and stockings with her bottom hanging out as she performs cabaret!

We had so many good actresses come in.” Rater and Phelan ended up casting Ross and Richards—stars of the Emmy-nominated web series , which Richards co-created with Laura Zak—before realizing that the three actresses were already good friends in real life.

“Tony said he cast them because he thought they would probably be Cameron’s friends and he was right,” Cox said.

) and the desire to constantly put the male contestants in "challenges where they have to lose clothes or wear suggestive costumes while our Trans-Protagonist drools. She behaved more like a gay man who went overboard trying to look like a woman.

I had trouble imagining many of the things she said and decisions she made being repeated by a biological woman.

However, if they had brought in a genuine, non-showgirl into the position, it's likely audiences would have embraced the central figure rather than stare at her lips in awe or disgust.

I never once developed enough compassion for Calpernia, even when she became an emotional train wreck, to care about the outcome for her, instead I was more invested in the contestants and their personal journeys.

The network then pulled the show from rotation, leaving 11 full episodes unseen.Amazon’s Nick Adams, the director of transgender media and representation at GLAAD, confirmed that it’s “extremely rare” to see two or more trans characters talking to each other on a scripted show, regardless of who’s playing the part.Seeing a lone trans character with scripted dialogue is only slightly less rare.Sadly, the power of the show falls on the shoulders of the contestants themselves, in particular, Jim Howley.The contestants of this show are particularly brave, and their diversity alone introduces some fascinating dynamics as well as conflicts regarding social/political/religious ideas.

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If anything, Calpernia's presence on the show amplified the chasm between transgendered people and mainstream viewers.