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Rafter dating japan

has been bolted to the studs of an existing house exterior wall by 1/2" thick lag bolts? The shed roof is over and additon where the other end of the rafters sit on a beam that is supported by 6 x 6 posts.I have two concerns for the attachment detail you suggest.My concern about it is that the rafter being at a 2/12 slope angle will not fit flatly on the joist hanger.There is a lot of additional load that you're adding to the studs. You can get regular joist hangers and notch the ends of the rafters to sit in the flat hanger (this is my preference), or you can get a sloped joist hanger and not have to notch the ends of the rafters.Have you considered dropping new studs in right next to the existing and attaching to them, that way you're not adding any additional load to the existing structure? If I were doing this for my own project, I would drop new studs.I wouldn't want to worry about the additional load on the existing studs.The second concern is that you're adding load to the exterior studs.The structure I am building is a shed off of the gable end wall of a barn. I will take the siding off before I attach the ledger to the stud wall so I will have no problem centering the bolts in the studs, which are, as I said before real width of 2".

In recent buildings there is a preference for trussed rafters on the grounds of cost, economy of materials, off-site manufacture, and ease of construction, as well as design considerations including span limitations and roof loads (weight from above).

When you sit on the chair, you're puttig the legs of the chair in compression, because your body weight is pushing down on the legs.

If you nailed the legs to the floor and tried to pull up on the chair, you would put the legs in axial tension.

I have the ability to run the calcs, but there are just too many scenarios to check.

You're reducing the wind load and increasing the bracing, but are also increasing the load.

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Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.

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