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Thousands of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) have lost millions of pounds in benefits since disability benefits system was changed four years ago, new figures show.

More than £6m a year has been taken away from people with the condition since the introduction of Personal Independent Payment (PIP), as despite previously qualifying for the highest rates of government support, sufferers have been told they are no longer eligible for it, according to responses to a Freedom of Information request by charity MS Society.

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Of those receiving the highest rate for the care component of DLA, nearly a quarter (800 people) faced cuts under PIP’s equivalent “daily living” component.The findings amount to a loss of almost £5m a year from all those receiving the highest rate of the mobility component, and £1,141,920 a year from those on the highest rate of care.There are at least 38,000 people with MS yet to be reassessed for PIP, indicating that in line with the current trend, an estimated minimum of 11,000 more could still lose out on the mobility component alone.Their only options are to face a lengthy and stressful appeal process, or attempt to get by with inadequate support.“The Government urgently needs to fix this broken system so that PIP assessments reflect the realities of living with MS.

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