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"But when I started working for corporates, I couldn't say the same to them." In a world where personal and social boundaries are expected to be elastic, it's a downright dilemma having to signal to people, particularly work associates, that you don't wish them to know more about your life than what the job demands.To save herself from worrying how her denial might be perceived, she switched off social media altogether two years ago.Then it grew to keeping in touch with extended friends and people no longer part of your immediate social circle.But a couple of years ago I started realising that I'd stopped using social media to have personal conversations with people and was using it to talk up my life instead," she says.

Two social media abstainers tell Sunday Times why they got off the wagon, and what life’s like without it We're a country that loves to Like, Share, Tweet (and Troll).I'm keen on photography and this acquaints me with the work of other photographers and allows me to share my own images," she says. She would reflexively reach out for the deleted app while on the train, but then retire her phone. So maybe I don't know everything about my not-so-close-friends anymore, but it gives me time to concentrate on myself." 'It's amazing how much time I have got back' — Ranjini Iyer, 40 I started using Facebook in 2008 to connect with old friends," says Ranjini Iyer, a leadership development specialist from Pune, who taught at the Symbiosis Institutes."But then I started having students trying to befriend me.Says she: "If they were real friends I'd connect with them offline." Can't quit?This is why Research by Cornell University found that there are three main reasons why social media users can't unplug 1.

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Mayuri quit Facebook — though not Instagram — a few months ago in an attempt to "improve" herself.

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