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When first discussed in June 2005, Jobs had stated that Apple intended to release Leopard at the end of 2006 or early 2007.However, the senior project marketing director for Mac OS X stated on June 11, 2007 that the existing HFS , not ZFS, will be used in Leopard.The Application Layer Firewall can therefore make filtering decisions on a per-application basis.

Library randomization is presumably a stepping-stone to a more complete implementation of address space layout randomization at a later date.

Users who have access to supported hardware have installed Leopard on the supported machine then simply moved the hard drive to the unsupported machine.

Alternatively, the Leopard Installation DVD was booted on a supported Mac, then installed on an unsupported Mac via Firewire Target Disk Mode.

Leopard is only compiled for Alti Vec-enabled Power PC processors (G4 and G5) though, as well as Intel, so both of these methods will only work on Macs with G4 or later CPUs.

While some of the earlier beta releases were made to run on some later G3 machines (mostly later 800–900 MHz i Books), no success with the retail version has been officially reported on G3 Macs except for some later i Macs and "Pismo" Power Book G3s with G4 processor upgrades installed.

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Other notable features include support for writing 64-bit graphical user interface applications, an automated backup utility called Time Machine, support for Spotlight searches across multiple machines, and the inclusion of Front Row and Photo Booth, which were previously included with only some Mac models.

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