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A related commandment severely restricts the potential spouses of a male whose genital organ, testicles or testicular cords were externally damaged by human action (Deuteronomy 23:2), and prohibits his service in the Temple (Leviticus ).

One medieval writer speculated that these marital restrictions were intended to combat the social incentives of antiquity to allow one's child to become a eunuch, which might help explain why this restriction only applies to males whose injury was man-made (Hinuch 559).

Animals, additionally, were sterilized to improve agricultural work output and control supply of exported prized species.Another significant debate exists regarding the inclusion of sterilization within the Noahide laws (Sanhedrin 56b).While some scholars believe that gentiles are also included in this proscription, many decisors assert that non-Jews have the prerogative to perform these procedures (Aruch Hashulhan ).While some maintain that female species are also biblically prohibited from removing internal sexual organs, normative Halacha deems it a lighter rabbinic violation (Even Ha'ezer ), with one significant decisor even stating that that this prohibition only stems from the larger proscription of causing someone pain (Taz 5:6).As such, many decisors permit hysterectomies and tubal ligation for therapeutic purposes and to prevent dangerous or unusually painful childbirth (Bah EH 5), although they remain less preferable options when nonsurgical forms of contraception are equally available (Igrot Moshe EH ).

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