Jamaican dating love and friends

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Jamaican dating love and friends

Andrew, belonged to Admiral Peter and Lady Parker in the late 1700s.

Parker was the Admiral of the British fleet in the West Indies at the time.

Mark's Anglican Church (which he built)., in Saint Andrew, got its name during the time of the buccaneers or “cow killers”.

Once known as Cow Bay, the name is a testament to the island's connection to the time when buccaneers roamed the island hunting for wild cattle., near Chapelton in Clarendon, was named for the bull head shape of the 3,600-foot mountain that stands as the parish's highest point.

Ann, is named for its founder, Hamilton Brown, an Irishman.

The eccentric character lived at the Minard Estate, a pimento plantation just north of town and also owned the Huntley Estate.

There are stories behind most of these Jamaican place names and it’s quite interesting to learn how they originated!

While many of the reasons for the names have been forgotten generations ago, here are some of them:, near Cooper's Hill, St.

And Jamaica’s towns, districts, rivers and streets have some really interesting ones – some are misleading, some are derived from family names, and some don’t mean what you Rest-and-Be-Thankful, Me-No-Sen-You-No-Come, Bad Times, Broke Neck Gully, Half Way Tree, Putogether Corner, Dump, Shambles, Rat Trap, Poor Mans Corner, Sally’s Delight, Betty’s Hope, Thankful Hill, Boldness, Good Design, Excellent Town, Happy Retreat, Heart Ease, Friendship and Welcome).

Admiral Mountain Great House is a historic landmark.

- in Trelawny, was originally known as "Santa Hill" for the large number of Santa Maria trees (Calophyllum calaba) growing in the area, but was renamed in the 1800s for Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria.

Another theory is that it was named for its original owner, Arthur Mc Kenzie, who owned it from 1811.

in Westmoreland, is thought to be named for Auchindoun Castle in Scotland by the Scottish emigrants who landed in Jamaica in 1700 as refugees from the failed Scottish colony of Darien on the Isthmus of Panama., in Saint Elizabeth, was established around the plantations of the Arscott & Sherman families in the late 1700s.

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