Funny speech on dating

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Funny speech on dating

BUT THEN…there are those dates that are Last night, at a Holiday party, I was sitting in a small circle of men and women when the topic of my career came up. Hey, if you can laugh about the dates that were absolutely crazy, you’ll be more lighthearted when you do meet the right guy.

‘Dating coach’ is not your typical career, and it’s usually a great conversation starter. And who doesn’t like a person with a good sense of humor?

he had the back end of the camel, yeah Andrew is the most determined and dedicated person I know, and this was shown best when he was learning how to ride a bicycle. Ok just think very carefully about what you’re about to do here, because this moment may have very big ramifications in the future. If I do a good job here Stephanie will be happy but if I do a bad job and burn this pizza she’ll be mad but she will never ask me to do the cooking ever again…” Funnily enough he adopted the same tactic on with the washing up, the vacuuming and the gardening…

Again and again Dad would give Andrew a little push start and again and again he would fall off. But Andrew’s new job of being a caring and dedicated husband I am sure he will give 110%.

Andrew and Stephanie you’re a match made in Heaven…

and also, because that’s where it all began.

You might be meeting men who are fun, interesting, smart, successful, nice looking, but some key things are missing.

I finished my business and came out to wash my hands, and there was Bob! No crazy escapades in Vegas, no comical hijinks in Magaluf, not even a cheeky drunken night in Bangkok to speak of; I mean come on, who hasn’t had a cheeky drunken night in Bangkok? Yeah it’s a shame because everybody knows all the best stories begin with the phrase “So we’re in Bangkok right…” Would’ve made one hell of a best man speech! It wasn’t for lack of trying though I hired a whole team of private investigators to find something hilarious but nothing really came up…But no matter how many times he would fall he would get right back up there and try again until eventually his persistence and dedication would pay off, and as Dad gave him one last big push Andrew began to pedal furiously and just like that he was finally riding a bicycle all by himself; And as he rode off he shouted “I’m doing it Daddy! So ladies and Gentleman if you’d like to be upstanding for the bride and groom May they live long, laugh often and love always To Andrew and Stephanie I’m not sure if a best man speech counts as a stand-up gig but I’d say my first stand up gig went pretty well lol Although I must say I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so nervous in my life!Before the speeches I was trying to get as drunk as possible, ya know for a bit of Dutch courage, because there was no way I could do it sober, I think the phrase “could you pass the wine” was my most frequently said phrase that day just above “pff no I’m not crying… something in my eye that’s all” yeah it was an emotional day.

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When he came to see me in the hospital after I’d been born he was less interested in me and more interested in the ambulances outside.

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