Dating leo female

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Dating leo female

The big cat of the zodiac thrives when it receives plenty of stroking, accolade and admiration.Leo is a creative sign, so this is about your identity, your unique skills and talents, what makes you ‘you’.I hope you find this article helpful in light of the current eclipse cycle.Please do leave your comments below if you have a personal story to share that ties in to the eclipse symbolism, or you would like some help understanding what the eclipse astrology means for you.They come around approximately once every 18 years so the last cycle which included the karmic nodes in the same sign combination was from August 1998 to July 2000.On a personal level, this was a major time of change for me.I’m not sure that this set of eclipses will be quite so momentous, but who knows… There was another set of Aquarius/Leo eclipses with the karmic nodes in the opposite signs to our current cycle from February 2008 to August 2009.

The essence of Leo is to be at the heart of proceedings, the centre of attention.

Take Princess Diana, for example, who was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sign that’s ruled by the Moon.

She married Prince Charles two days before a solar eclipse, her son Prince William was born the day of a solar eclipse, the announcement of her separation from Charles was announced on the day of a lunar eclipse and Diana died within 24 hours of a solar eclipse. Yet eclipses are important for everyone, especially if you have planets or angles within 1-2 degrees of the eclipse degree.

Yes, they can sweep in to move things forward in life, sometimes at a fast rate and they often bring what’s hidden to light.

So it’s hard to plan for them other than recognise that they can coincide with life’s highs and lows.

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Then they often coincide with important life events that turn life around, re-route your direction, take you down a path in life that you didn’t see coming.

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